About Me

Siegfried Rasthofer is currently working in the cyber insurance sector at MunichRE as a Cyber Security Expert.

Previously, he was working in the academic field. From 2017 - 2019, he was the head of the department Secure Software Engineering at Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology in Darmstadt (Germany). Before Fraunhofer, he was a PhD-student at the Secure Software Engineering Group of TU Darmstadt (Germany), supervised by Eric Bodden. He received his Dr.-Ing. from TU Darmstadt in December 2016.

His main research focus is on code analysis, mobile security and malware analysis. He developed different tools that combine static and dynamic code analysis for security purposes. Most of his research is published at top tier academic and industry conferences like BlackHat, DefCon, VirusBulletin, HackInTheBox or AppSec EU.

Work Experience

since 2021 Senior Cyber Security Expert at MunichRE
2019 - 2021 Cyber Claims Manager (Cyber Security Expert) at MunichRE
2017 - 2019 Head of Department Secure Software Engineering at Fraunhofer SIT
2015 - 2017 Malware and Vulnerability Researcher at Fraunhofer SIT
2014 Research Intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond (supervised by Ben Livshits)
2012 - 2016 PhD-Student at TU Darmstadt (Secure Software Engineering Group, supervised by Eric Bodden)

Security Acknowledgements and Rewards